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Our main types of decoration are silk screening, sublimation, embroidery, and heat press. Let us know what you are looking to decorate and we can determine what is best for you. 

Silk Screening is the process of burning specific designs into a mesh material and applying different color ink to create a detailed design. This process works great for spirit wear, team uniforms, and big events.

sik screening
logo design
baseball logo
baseball spiritwear logo

Sublimation is the process of printing ink directly into the garment. Sublimation is a great way to add whatever you want to your garment, including colors, patterns and logos.


Embroidery adds logos, names, and numbers to your items by stitching them onto the garment. 

stitched logo
corporate apparel

Heat Press applies specific materials to a garment when a high heat is applied. This process works well if you are looking to personalize your shirt or add a unique design to your garment. We even offer designs and personalization in glitter. 

glitter logo
name on back
custom glitter logo

Custom hats and socks give you the opportunity to add the finishing touches to your personalized uniform. Custom hats and socks are great for individual teams or an entire organization.

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