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Easton Youth M10 Chest Protector Black/Grey

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Easton M10 Youth Chest Protector 12.50" A165 335

Keep yourself safe, comfortable, and mobile behind the plate with the new Easton M10 Youth Chest Protector. The new M10 Youth Chest Protector features a new Asymmetric design that is optimized for right-handed throwing catchers. The Easton M10 Chest Protector also features an ergonomic adjustable shoulder cap, over the shoulder protection, multi-layer perforation for heat dissipation, and Zero Shock memory foam to reduce ball rebound, giving you better control over blocked balls.

• Asymmetric design optimized for right-handed throwing catcher

• Multi-layer perforation

• Zero Shock memory foam

• Ergonomic adjustable shoulder cap

• Over the shoulder protection

Easton M10 Youth Chest Protector 12.50" A165 335

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