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Lizard Skin Bat Grip Aqua

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Lizard Skins DSP Bat Grip Tape is a Durasoft Polymer Grip which works as a great all-around grip. The bat grip provides a comfortable and textured surface on any bat handle to give a solid grip. Also great for softball, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, canes, walkers, crutches, racquets, etc. Lizard Skins DSP grips are engineered to be ultra-lightweight, durable and slip-resistant in all weather conditions. It reduces vibration and allows players to reduce stress on the hands by relaxing their grip, while at the same time executing a controlled, comfortable, tension-free swing. The 1.1mm thickness balancing cushion with thickness and provides the highest amount of versatility. The 1.1mm thickness is also great for transitioning to wood bats. The 0.5mm thickness adds no real thickness to the handle while the 1.8mm thickness has the highest vibration dampening effect and is a confidence builder for youth. The grip has a full adhesive back and is designed to fit wood, composite or aluminum bats. Roll length is 990 millimeters / 39 inches with pre-cut ends. Made in the U.S.

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