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Schutt Vengeance A3 Youth Medium Football Helmet Navy Blue

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Built with the youth player in mind, the Schutt F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet gives you the look of the increasingly popular F7 with features designed to cut down on the weight. The LX1 uses the same F7 shell with 3DM Tektonic Plate Technology that is meant to absorb more energy on hits to the helmet. It's built with the same Flexural Resistant Back Shelf and included the same five layers of energy dispersion as the full featured model. It even uses the same facemasks. The difference comes in the weight, where the LX1 is more youth friendly .15 lbs lighter. Schutt did that by removing the nose bumper and replacing it with traditional clear loop straps at the top of the helmet and taking out the internal cheek stabilizers. The interior is changed only in the lateral liner, where a SureFit air liner replaces the Radial Diffusion Liner. The liner is built with an increased number of pods to give it a more secure feel than other liners. The multi-layered front pad contains a mix of TPU, poron and comfort foam to give the helmet a feel that players will love. Combined with the striking look, it's a great choice for any youth player.

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